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Saint-Chinian Rosé

Salmon pink in colour, airy, fresh, digestible and slightly effervescent. Delightful in summer!
Direct pressed, mainly consisting of Mourvèdre, complemented by Cinsault and sometimes a little Syrah. A real gastronomic Rosé which harmonises very well with summery and Mediterranean cuisine.

Saint-Chinian White

Powerful but with finesse, a wine which goes well with food.
The Saint-Chinian AOC White was created in 2004. On a limestone terroir : White Grenache, Roussanne and Marsanne complemented by a little Clairette and Viognier. Around 40% fermentation in barrels and 60% in vats. The diversity of our grape varieties provides a balance between maturity, aromatic freshness and minerality.

For the Reds, the cuvées are defined in relation to the two terroirs which the estate is composed of, clay and limestone. The relatively late clay and limestone terroir of the estate adds a good amount of freshness to the wines. It also contributes a density of substance which has to be refined during elevage.

Saint-Chinian Côte d’Arbo Red

Fruity, peppery and quaffable, with a good length in the mouth.
A selection from clay soil plots, favouring fruitiness and vivacity, and steep hillsides with ochre and red soils. All the Saint-Chinian AOC’s grape varieties, Syrah, Grenache, Carignan, Cinsault and Mourvèdre, in a blend aged in vats.

Saint-Chinian Causse du Bousquet Red

Extremely delicious, well developed and concentrated without being heavy, whose qualities emerge at the table.
A selection from low yielding plots mainly on the limestone plateau. Syrah with its density is dominant in the blend and complemented by Grenache, Mourvèdre and Carignan. 2/3 are aged in Burgundian barrels of different ages and 1/3 in vats. Bottling takes place after 20 to 24 months. Good keeping potential.

Saint-Chinian Clos de la Simonette

Powerful and ripe but with freshness contributed by Mourvèdre and Carignan.
A cuvée which brings together the two terroirs of the vineyard. Blending with 2/3 Mourvèdre, from a red and ochre clay terroir, complemented by Grenache and Carignan grown on a limestone terroir. Elevage in demi-muids for 12 to 18 months with a small number of new barrels, depending on the vintage. Bottled after 24 months. Good keeping potential.

The old vintages which we have kept and which we open regularly prove the good ageing qualities of our Causse du Bousquet and Clos de la Simonette cuvées, even in the lightest vintages.

Two limited edition and original cuvées.

PGI* Pays d’Oc White

A Vin de Pays on a Saint-Chinian AOC terroir
Terret and Grey Grenache. On a terroir classified as AOC, Languedoc grape varieties which are “historic” but which are not currently accepted as AOC. Terret, from vines more than 110 years old, thrives on the driest and stoniest limestone terrain. Picked when slightly overripe, it adds smoothness and aromatic richness, while Grey Grenache adds a refreshing minerality. Vinification is carried out in 500 L barrels, and it is bottled after 10 to 12 months of elevage.

PGI Pays d’Oc Red

Full, fresh and forthright, a wine for drinking with friends
Mainly Cabernet Franc complemented by a little Syrah and sometimes Carignan, with elevage in vats and bottling after 12 to 15 months of elevage. It’s like a Mediterranean Cabernet with its maturity, but without heaviness and retaining a great vivacity.

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A very dry winter in 2016 delayed budding. The sufficiently humid spring was followed by a dry summer without excessive heat, however the rain from the traditional “thunderstorm of August 15th” was lacking. During the summer we removed some of the grapes to reduce the strain on the vines and boost a balanced maturity. Light rainfall in early September was beneficial to the maturity of the grapes. The harvest for the Reds began on September 16th the grapes were very healthy but not very juicy. The vinification was gently done in order to preserve the fruit and to
give a finesse to the structure. Yields were a little lower than in the two previous vintages.


The year featured fairly balanced weather conditions: welcome rain in autumn 2014, winter and spring a little dry, but with gentle rains and a hot summer with moderate humidity here in August. Harvesting began with the Reds on 8 September. The grapes were healthy, and yields were not higher in the estate in 2015. The wines are meaty, reminiscent of 2013 and with more fruit. It is a vintage which is still being aged and has a great future.


A year with weather conditions which were sometimes extreme, with a winter and early spring so dry that the vines struggled to grow. But the deep roots of our hillside vines enabled vegetation to develop sufficiently. Our area then escaped the most violent rains during harvest time. Harvesting began with the Reds on 13 September and finished before the storms at the end of September. 2014 is a beautiful and well-balanced vintage, with lots of fruit, with depth but suppler than 2013.


The cool spring curbed the growth of the vines which did not recover completely despite a beautiful hot summer. We began harvesting the Syrah after the 25th of September, a phenomenon which has become rare in the Languedoc! Slower maturity, with a very evident acidity, and concentration, are the characteristics of this particularly interesting Languedoc vintage, one of the best of the last 10 years. A beautiful vintage for laying down.