Our Choices

Why are we not organic vine growing certified ?

For more than 30 years, our work has reflected our desire to protect and preserve the environment. We do everything to ensure that the maximum number of vines are organically grown. Additions of compost or manure help to improve conditions in our Mediterranean soils undermined by drought and heat. The vineyards are ploughed or ploughed and grassed depending on the slope. The rows are French ploughed. In our old sloping vineyards, cross ploughing is carried out with a crawler tractor.

“All plant treatments are carried out with organic products.”

The old goblet trained vines are treated at the beginning of the season with a “back-pack” pump. Disbudding, and aeration of the bunches if necessary, limits treatments and makes the grapes healthy, which is essential. It determines aromatic quality. Average yields are around 28/33hl/ha. Every year, after the harvests, Matthieu and our team devote time to restoring the walls, terraces and dry stone huts, and to maintaining the paths (without weed killer).

A few plots cause us problems : a vine more than 110 years old, brought back into use in 2010, where the rootstocks, often lying along the ground, are no longer aligned. Tillage here was abandoned a long time ago – it’s hard to destroy a delicate balance. Two terraced plots, which are particularly steep : here, the technical choices are limited and these vines on poor soils already suffer from competition with grass. Underneath the rows here we use a little weed killer, in moderation. It’s a dilemma, but we don’t want to see beautiful high quality areas, which we love, disappear. And in conclusion, the pickaxe is not the most prized tool… Fairly understandable!

“Free spirits; we have been from the start…”